Loacker Loyalty

Global Journey & Loyalty Project

The Loacker
community becomes
a big family.

The aim was to strengthen the relationship with consumers, retaining them through an approach based on a broad view.

Project Type
Global Journey & Loyalty project
Strategy, System integration, Strategy Box, Blueprint, Wireframes
Wordpress, Dynamics CRM, Stellar loyalty

Our solution

Precise and accurate Global
User journeys, leading to the
delicious new Loyalty program.

Let’s start preparing something
tasty, with the tools
in the Strategy Box.

We defined the contact strategy by working closely with Loacker through various brainstorming sessions, structuring all the Customer Journey flows for consumer users coming from the CRM, integrating them into the brand's strategic marketing plan.

All products
lead to the
Loyalty Program.

We thus designed the user journeys and gaming mechanics for the new, worldwide Loyalty Program, adapting the project to the first test country (Italy) and designig the complete user experience, from the high-level strategy to the design of use cases for the various clusters.

Ready to rethink goodness.

In addition to the contact-based strategic architecture, we also started to design the new
info-architecture of the portal, laying the foundations for the design process.