Website redesign

How to turn finding your
perfect getaway
into a vacation itself.

The goal was to rethink
the design elements
to generate a more impactful way
to communicate
and make the user experience
clearer and more usable.

Jonas by Circolo Viaggi
Project Type
Website redesign
Content Design, UX & UI Design, Editorial Plan, Website Development
Wordpress, Diennea Toolbox

Our solution

A functional redesign of the UX and UI can only be accomplished by following an iterative design process. That’s exactly what we’ve done for Jonas.

Back to the start
and back to basics

Every great journey begins with a small step.
We have studied the primary elements by identifying the guiding styles, colors, metrics and logotype. We used the atomic design approach, generating a visual alphabet based on the broad picture of the functional components as defined during the design phases.

Ready for a
unique travel

We redesigned the interactions and behaviors of all elements, ensuring great usability. Blending all components in a harmonious way, giving users the opportunity to browse and explore the website in a simple, clear and extremely pleasant way.