ActionAid Conversion Workflow

For everyone, doing
a good deed has been
something automatic.

The goal was to foster the conversion of distance adoption requests for children living in the south of the world.

Project Type
Marketing automation
Conversion workflow
Content Design, Strategy, Email Marketing Design
Wordpress, PHP
MagNews, Mentor CRM

Our solution

The integration between MagNews and the CRM allowed us to activate an automated flow, capable of stimulating a small, but important, good deed.

A journey aiming straight at the heart of people.

We designed and implemented a workflow to encourage conversion actions, alternating touchpoints and optimizing both content and engagement times.

Reducing the distance
with the help of
technology and creativity.

The direct emails sent to users were dynamically customized with the details of the contact person, as well as references of the adopted child.

Experiencing people’s generosity.

This project enabled us to monitor the status of requests in a more timely and immediate way, and optimize multi-channel communication, integrating the sending of direct emails and SMS.