Strategy Box

For us, strategy has a well defined shape.

The strategy box is the perfect representation of methodological approach for increasing contacts value in 6 steps.

Strategy box

But what does increasing value actually mean? It means acquiring new contacts, gathering further information about existing ones, pushing contacts to make monetary transactions or purchase more frequently.

Easily said, and also easily done.

We start from the basics,
defining goals
and target groups

We always start by identifying the project’s primary goal (lead generation, profiling, engagement, conversion, retention), as well as its macro target group, divided into smaller clusters based on their status (i.e. The different levels of interest in the brand.)

We analyze
the set of channels
and touchpoints

To get in touch with the clusters and achieve our goal, we use a table that intersects macro channels (online and offline) with touchpoints (e.g. acquisition and profiling).

We map all imaginable data on the contact

We then group all the available information into types and detail levels: basic level, to start the communication; 1st level, for targeted communication; 2nd level, to foster the purchase of products and services; 3rd level, to start conversions based on needs and habits.

We build a
solid, complete
and clear matrix

In the fourth phase, we design a table consisting of channels and data types. This lets us define the key points and objects to be used to achieve any particular goal: For example, a form in the newsletter to collect basic data, or a series of surveys aimed at enriching the contacts’ profile with demographic details, purchasing patterns and preferences.

We set up the
strategic map
by defining the
contact’s journeys

This is when we compare the target groups with the most appropriate channels for each one’s status advancement, designing specific journeys (welcome, happy birthday, upselling, etc) In relation to the specified goals.

We design multichannel
journeys to turn
theory into practice

In the sixth and final phase we define and complete each individual journey, which revolves around four key elements: target input, target output, goals, channels.