Customer connection
projects through lead
intelligence that
leads to conversion.

Looking for and
finding the best solution
is in our Diennea.

What we do best

We always start every new lead acquisition challenge by studying, studying a lot: we examine brand needs, target audience, context, processes, key points, trends, data and astral conjunctions.

We study all this in order to profile and engage users with useful and relevant content, aimed at a continuous reactivation of their engagement.

We create value for businesses by studying and implementing conversion projects with the aim of making customers loyal.

Our daily bread


No matter what language users speak, we always find the best strategy to talk to them thanks to our consulting experience, and the Strategy Box, our distinctive approach to engage and retain every contact.

Digital Marketing

The right message, at the right time, through the right touchpoint.
We reach and establish long-lasting relationships with people using a combination of digital channels, tools and operations.

Digital Experience

Digital is our home, and that of your customers. We build memorable experiences that will get users always coming back for more, from Digital Commerce portals to Activation & Loyalty programs.

Brand System & Identity

Consistency comes first. We shape multiple elements to define a solid, responsive and comprehensive corporate identity, across all of the brand’s channels.

Content Design

"Make it simple, but significant" said Don Draper. From Concept to UX Writing, we rack our brains to come up with new stunning stories to delight and engage people.

UX/UI Design

We believe that great design is a language, not just a trend. Because of this, we design clear, useful, narrative and impactful interfaces for any kind of project.

Data & Artificial Intelligence

The devil is in the details… and in the data. For this reason, we immerse ourselves in the depth of information, looking for useful insights to fine-tune our data-driven strategy.

Innovation Lab

We continuously strive for technology innovation and find the proper use to latest tools and technologies for generating business values, from Voice assistants to Blockchain and AI & ML applications.

Full-Stack Digital Transformation

We help our clients bridging the gap between legacy / off-line world and digital environments. Selecting and implementing the right solution and use our proven, agile approach to accelerate marketing, commerce and business processes.

Marketing Platform & System Integration

We help our clients breaking down data / system silos integrating different platforms in order to create comprehensive data / customer view and unleash the power of said data to its full potential.